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Easy way to make Salted Caramel

Boy oh boy I have tried and failed a lot of times to make caramel - not even the salted part. Today we will be making salted caramel together. Find the cheat sheet at the bottom of the post you can save to your phone or print off.


o 10 Minutes


o Stainless Steel Pan

o Spatula / Wooden Spoon

o Gas or Electric Hob

o A Jar


o 200g Granulated Sugar

o 1 Tbs Salt

o 90g Butter

o 120ml Cream

I highly recommend for this recipe to prepare the ingredients and utensils first because when it goes all hands are on deck.

Pop your pan on the hob with a low-mid heat. Add in the sugar and salt to melt them. try not to stir the mixture with a spoon, if you have to, use the handle to stir around the mixture.

After a few minutes of melting the sugar and salt should start to change colour and smell delicious. This is the time to mix in your cream.

Don't be scared, add it all in once. It will bubble, hiss and scream and you but just keep mixing away. Once this is combined, do the same with the butter until there are no visible chunks left.

Leave it to cool and there you have it, your own salted caramel sauce. I pour mine into its jar, slap a date label on it and it’s good to go!


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