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Ganache Ratios For Cake Decorating

Keep hold of these handy ratios to make amazing white, milk or dark chocolate ganache. As always I've made a cheat sheet you can print off or save to your phone to refer too.

Here are three quick and easy ways to ganache your way!

The ratios are as follows:

4 White Chocolate: 1 Heavy Cream

400g : 100ml

3 Milk Chocolate: 1 Heavy Cream

300g : 100ml

2 Dark Chocolate: 1 Heavy Cream

200g : 100ml

To save time, I place the double cream into the microwave for 45 secs and see if it's steaming. If not I blast for a few more seconds to ensure it is warm enough to melt the chocolate. Once the cream is to temperature, I put all the chocolate in and leave it for 10 seconds before I start stirring the mixture. I found out this helps with the melting process to get really smooth, thick ganache.


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